Event Detail

Event Detail

Kokoro no fūkei - Mind Scenery

form of scenery  ( maquette 3 )
  • 22 Jul - 10 Sep 2017
  • Gosford Regional Gallery
  • Phone: 4304 7550

Gosford Regional Gallery presents its fourth Annual Major Artist Survey, which explores the practice of significant local artists.

This year’s Annual Major Artist Survey celebrates the career of internationally recognised artist and sculptor, Koichi Ishino.

This exhibition, titled Kokoro no fūkei 心の風景 – Mind Scenery, represents Ishino’s significant works over the last 25 years. Works range in scale and include large sculptures constructed from granite, marble and stainless steel. Three selected works are displayed within the Edogawa Commemorative Garden.

Ishino’s sculptures are themed around the concept of nature and scenery - strong elements within his works since university. The work is inspired by the traditional Japanese art style called Kachōfūgetsu, it is a common theme within Chinese and Japanese poetry and painting. It literally translates to flower, bird, wind and moon. Its meaning is best described by a traditional Japanese saying, 'to experience the beauties of nature and in doing so learn about oneself- nature is the greatest teacher.

Ishino has exhibited in Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 15 times and Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 10 times. ​He has also won the sculpture section of Gosford Art prize twice as well as many other international prizes. 

Image:  Koichi Ishino, Form of Scenery.