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Living Water Smart

Whizzy the Water Drop spreads the Living Water Smart Message


Central Coast residents are guided by Water Wise Rules.

Water Wise rules

  • Watering with a sprinkler, irrigation system or a trigger nozzle hose is permitted any day before 10am or after 4pm to avoid the heat of the day;
  • All hand held hoses must have a trigger nozzle;
  • All vehicles should be washed with a bucket, trigger nozzle or pressure cleaner; and
  • No hosing of paths and driveways. 

These permanent rules apply to all users of water sourced from the town supply including residents, visitors, businesses and government agencies.


Water Wise Rules do not apply to the use of water from rainwater tanks regardless of whether they are connected internally or are for external use only.

They also do not apply to the use of town water in the event of, or where there is the risk of, an accident, fire, or other hazard to health, safety and/or the environment.

Did you know?

The Central Coast has the third largest urban water supply system in NSW, after Sydney and the Hunter.

The system incorporates three dams, three weirs, three water treatment plants, over 50 reservoirs, and more than 2,000 kilometres of pipelines.

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