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Drinking Water Quality

Every day, Gosford City Council supplies around 33 million litres of water to approximately 60,000 properties through 1,000 kilometres of water mains.

The catchments are largely undeveloped and uninhabited with the water coming from the rivers, creeks and dams in the Gosford and Wyong Local Government Areas.
Council moves water from the catchment to our water filtration plant at Somersby, where it is filtered and disinfected to ensure it is safe to drink.

Gosford's water supply is considered soft or moderately soft, and is generally below 60mg/L. More information about the hardness of our water is available in the Annual Drinking Water Quality Report.
Low levels of chlorine are added to protect the water as it travels through the system to your home.

Gosford's water supply is Fluoridated in line with the NSW Department of Health's Policy regarding fluoridation of the water supply in the interests of public health.

Regular tests on the water supplied to customers are performed by council and independent National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) registered laboratories to ensure this water complies with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

The Gosford DCP 2013 Chapter 5.15. Water Supply Catchment Area Development outlines how council will manage and protect our catchments and the nature of our source water quality. 

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Annual Drinking Water Quality Report


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