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Environment Protection Licences

Environment Protection Licences

Environment Protection Licences (EPLs) are required for a number of activities which have the potential to impact on the environment under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (POEO Act).

These licences enforce conditions relating to pollution prevention through the development of Pollution Incident Response Management Plans (PIRMP), environmental monitoring, and the implementation of best practice.

Council also has a Pesticide Use Notification Procedure for Outdoor Public Places.

Current Environment Protection Licences

Gosford City Council currently holds six Environment Protection Licences.

 Licence  Premise  Location  Activity  Status Issued   Documents 
 6052 Kincumber Landfill Cullens Rd, Kincumber NSW Waste disposal by application to land  Issued  16/09/2015 View Licence
 6053  Woy Woy Landfill Nagari Rd, Woy Woy NSW Waste disposal by application to land
View Licence
 7643 Waterways of Gosford LGA Gosford NSW Application of Herbicides   Issued  11/02/2003 View Licence
 1802 Kincumber Sewerage Treatment System Doyle St, Kincumber NSW Sewerage treatment processing by large plants   Issued  01/08/2000 View Licence
 12170 Waters of Mangrove Creek Dam & Mooney Dam Gosford, NSW Application of algaecides   Issued  16/05/2005 View Licence
 12633 Mooney Mooney & Cheero Point Sewerage Scheme Mooney Mooney NSW Sewerage treatment processing by small plants 
 Issued  20/03/2007 View Licence

Pollution Incident Response Management Plans

Under the POEO Act licensees are required to prepare and implement Pollution Incident Response Management Plans (PIRMPs). These plans are designed to ensure that pollution incidents are minimised through the identification of risks and the development of planned actions to minimise and manage those risks, and to ensure that emergency response procedures are developed and implemented in the event that an incident occurs.

Plan objectives:

  • That the risks associated with these activities are mitigated, to ensure the protection of workers, the community and the environment.
  • That a comprehensive and timely response to all pollution incidents occurs, including the effective communication of the incident to the relevant authorities and those who may be affected by the impacts of the incident.
  • Compliance with all legislative requirements.
A public version of council’s PIRMPs can be viewed using the links below:

If you suspect a pollution incident has occurred as a result of a council activity, please contact council immediately (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) on (02) 4325 8222.


Environmental Pollution Monitoring and Reporting

A number of the Environment Protection Licences (EPLs) held by Council require that pollution monitoring data be obtained when discharges to the environment occur.

A summary of the pollution monitoring data for each of these EPLs can be obtained by using the links below.

If you cannot access the information from these links, please contact Council to arrange a copy to be emailed or posted to you.

Note that some of the EPLs held by Council do not require pollution monitoring to be routinely undertaken. Links to pollution monitoring data for these EPLs are therefore not provided.

Pollution Monitoring Data Summary Reports

Environmental Pollution Monitoring Reports - Landfills

Kincumber Landfill - 2018

Woy Woy Landfill - 2018

 Kincumber Landfill - 2017

Woy Woy Landfill - 2017

Kincumber Landfill - 2016

Woy Woy Landfill - 2016

Kincumber Landfill - 2015

Woy Woy Landfill - 2015

Kincumber Landfill - 2014

Woy Woy Landfill - 2014

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