Environment & Waste

Environmental Management and Planning

Floodplain Risk Management Planning

Beach Watch Program

Council monitors and reports on the water quality of 22 local swimming areas, including eleven ocean beaches, four lagoon sites and seven tidal baths/rock pools.

Beaches and Coastline

Beaches and Coastlines

There are approximately 14 kilometres of beaches within the Gosford LGA, extending from Patonga in the south, to Forresters Beach in the north. 

Estuaries, Lagoons and Wetlands

Estuaries, lagoons and wetlands are dynamic, living entities, and an important part of the natural environment.

Sea Level Rise

Sea Level Rise

In simple terms, sea level rise raises the average water level of oceans and estuaries. As the average water level rises, so too will high and low tide levels affecting the natural processes responsible for shaping our coastline. 

Climate Change

Climate Change

A driver of change in the global climate is global warming, which is caused by an increase in the greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. 

Environment Protection Licences

Environment Protection Licences

Environment Protection Licences are required for a number of activities with the potential to impact on the environment under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (POEO Act).


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