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About the program

The Clean Industry Partners Program aims to improve environmental awareness and compliance of businesses within Gosford City.

As part of the program, council’s Environment Officers conduct free routine inspections of small businesses that have the potential to pollute the environment including; mechanics, smash repairers, service stations, car washes, marinas, printers and golf clubs.

It is the responsibility of individuals and business owners to ensure that their business activities are not likely to cause environmental pollution.

Breaching environmental laws, such as the Protection of the Environment Operations (POEO) Act 1997, carry very serious penalties.  

The program has a specific focus on the following issues:

Pollutants such as oil, grease, cleaning products, sediment, green waste, pesticides, debris and paints should not leave your site. If wash water, spilt liquids or any substance enters the stormwater drain or street gutters you are committing a water pollution offence. Placing things in locations where they can result in water pollution if it rains is also considered to be water pollution.

All practicable steps must be taken to ensure that unforeseen events, such as spills and leaks, do not result in water pollution. This can be achieved by:

  •  Keeping chemicals (such as fuels,  pesticides, oils) in a contained and covered storage area

  • Having adequately stocked spill kits on hand and making sure staff know how to use them

Under no circumstance should you hose a spill down the drain.

Types of pollution

  • Water pollution

  • Air pollution

  • Land pollution

  • Noise pollution

  • Hazardous materials and waste

  • Spill management

Duty to notify pollution incidents

If a pollution incident occurs and it causes or threatens ‘material harm’ to the environment, by law you must tell the appropriate regulatory authority, which is Council for small businesses.
You must contact Gosford City Council on 4325 8222 as soon as you become aware of the incident. This ‘duty to notify pollution incidents’ extends to employers, the person carrying out the activity, employees, occupiers, contractors and agents.

You must notify the EPA of any land contamination that poses a significant risk of harm to human health or the environment (Contaminated Land Management Act 1997). For more information call the DECC Environment Line on 131 555 or refer to the Guidelines on the Significant Risk of Harm from Contaminated Land and the Duty to Report (1999). You can find these guidelines on the DECC website.

Other licenses and permits

EPA Licence

You will require a licence to conduct any activity that is listed in Schedule 1 of the POEO Act. It is your responsibility to decide whether your activity is listed in the Schedule.

Trade Waste Permit

Generally, businesses must have a written agreement or permit to discharge trade waste to the sewer. You must negotiate a trade waste permit with Council before discharging any trade waste to the sewer. The permit establishes the discharge conditions for the wastewater. For more information contact Gosford City Council on 43 258222.

Important tips for your business

To find out more about the Clean Industry Partners Program contact a Gosford City Council Environment Officer on 4325 8222.

Additional resources

Environmental Legislation and Your Business Fact Sheet

Stormwater Pollution and Your Business Fact Sheet

Waste Management Fact Sheet

DECC Environmental Line: phone 131 555 or www.environment.nsw.gov.au

Standards Australia: phone (02) 8206 6000 or www.standards.org.au

NSW Maritime: phone 95638511 or www.maritime.nsw.gov.au for environmental information for you and your customers.

NSW Waste Contractors and Recyclers Association: phone (02) 9604 7206 or www.wcra.com.au

The Motor Traders’ Association of NSW: phone (02) 9213 4222 or www.mtansw.com.au for their Green Stamp Program. This contains a directory for environmental products and services for the automotive industry.

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