Banner Stands for Hire

Council has banner stands available for hire by community groups or non-profit organisations at the following locations:

  • West Gosford (Central Coast Hwy opposite Hely Street);
  • Gosford Waterfront (Masons Pde);
  • Woy Woy (Rogers Park, Corner of Ocean Beach Rd and MacMasters Rd);
  • Forresters Beach (The Entrance Road);
  • Erina (corner of Avoca Drive and The Entrance Road); and
  • Kincumber (corner of Davies St and Avoca Drive).

Hirers can use the banners to advertise community and council supported events within Gosford City.

These banners can only be used by bona fide community, not-for-profit organisations. 

The banner stand frames are 1 x 6 metres. They are not for use by commercial organisations and proof will be required when booking the banner stands.

If they fulfil the requirements, permission may be granted to the applicant for the erection of banners on permanent posts provided by council.  

Council also reserves the right to use the banner stands to promote its own, or council sponsored /supported events, at its discretion. For these applications some booking conditions may be waived by the Director, Community Growth.

Council reserves the right to refuse any booking at its discretion.  

Hiring the banner stands

To hire the banner stands, contact council's Customer Service team on 4325 8222.

A booking administration fee of $26 is applicable.

Conditions of use

  1. Only the topmost part of the banner stand, designed to hold a banner, can be booked by qualifying applicants.
  2. Banners can only be erected by persons/groups, associations or companies who hold a minimum of $10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance.

  3. When a booking is made, a contact person and contact number must be provided in relation to the erection of the sign along with details of their Public Liability Insurance.

  4. An administration fee of $26 is applicable and is non-refundable.

  5. Stands can be booked for periods of no less than 1 week and not more than 2 weeks from 12 noon on Mondays.

  6. No more that 2 banner stands can be booked to promote the same event.

  7. A maximum of 4 events per year will be accepted per applicant.

  8. Bookings may be made up to 9 months in advance for an event.

  9. Applicants, who do not organise their banner to be fixed to the stand after 18 hours of the booking commencement time, will forfeit their booking. That booking period could then be reallocated.

  10. Applicants who do not remove their banner by the due time may have their banner removed by the next booking. The applicant will then need to make arrangements, and pay any associated charges to retrieve their banner.

  11. If an applicant needs to remove the previous banner, they must keep it safe and make it available for collection by the owner.

  12. Applicants who continually fail to meet these conditions may be refused future bookings.

  13. Banners must be secured to the stands in such a way as to not present a hazard.

Banner advertising requirements

  1. Banners must indicate the name, date and location of the event being promoted and should not be generic in nature.
  2. Banners must not contain anything that may cause offence to a reasonable person.
  3. Booked Banners can only be affixed to the topmost section of the stand, designed to hold a banner safely.
  4. Banners must be designed in such a way as to ensure they can be safely fixed to the stand. 

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