Community and Road Education Scheme (CARES) Program

Program bookings and enquiries: (02) 4362 8340

The Community and Road Education Scheme (CARES) Program is a road and bicycle education program for Years five, six and seven school groups. This is linked to NSW Department of Education and Training Personal Development, Health and Physical Education syllabus.

Students benefit from the expertise of two NSW Police Officers appointed to the centre to teach the CARES Program. The classroom lesson covers safe cycling, road rules, hand signalling and safe use of helmets.

Outdoor lessons include bicycle safety checks, basic riding skills and obstacle course, riding on the road environment training track which features a roundabout, traffic lights and other ‘real life’ road characteristics.

Each student is issued with a licence at the beginning of the program. Throughout the day, students’ behaviour is monitored by the Police Officers with points deducted from licences for breaking of road rules. If students lose all their points, they’re no longer permitted to ride their bicycles and must complete alternative work. This provides an introduction to a ‘demerit point’ system, as utilised for motorists’ licences.

For enquiries about and bookings for the CARES Program, phone the CARES Program Police Officers between Monday and Thursday, 8am to 4pm on 02 4362 8340 or click here to book online.

Fees and Charges 2017/18

Community and Road Education Scheme (CARES) Program
$5.00 per student 

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