Pool Water Quality Sampling

Gosford City has approximately 50 public swimming and spa pools of various sizes. These are all regularly tested by environmental health officers for chemical compliance, followed by microbiological sampling should the chemical sample not meet the accepted criteria.

Lifeguard at Council PoolAll pool owners should ensure that their pools are maintained and cleaned throughout summer.

If a pool's chlorine, pH levels or other disinfection system are not maintained, the chemicals cannot do their job effectively.

If swimming and spa pools are not adequately disinfected and cleaned they can transmit bacteria, fungi, viruses and/or protozoa which can cause medical conditions, including:

  • Bacteria: eye, ear and skin infections, carbuncles and wound infections;
  • Fungi: athletes foot and tinea, urino-genital, skin and nail infections
  • Viruses: gastroenteritis and pharyngo-conjunctival fever; 
  • Protozoa: Cryptosporidiosis and Giardiasis.

To avoid public health outbreaks pool owners need to regularly adjust chemicals as required.

Pool filters should also be carefully maintained to ensure they are working properly.

Public health outbreaks can also be prevented by reminding swimmers of the following:

  • Don’t swim if you have had diarrhoea in the past two weeks;
  • Do shower and wash thoroughly with soap before entering the pool; and
  • Don’t swallow pool water.

There are multiple fact sheets on this topic on the NSW Health Website.

Please complete the Health Premises Registration Form to register your business with Central Coast Council.

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