Food Safety in Your Home

Food Safety in the Home

The safe consumption of food is essential to us for our physical well-being.

Food borne illness can occur in various situations - at home, work, school, dining out, camping or at the family barbecue if food is not handled correctly.

While the number of cases of food borne illness across Australia each year, and the financial implications for the broader community and the health care system is arguable, the typical causes are generally well understood and in most instances the personal inconvenience and illness are preventable.

Observing good management practices in handling food in all situations will minimise the likelihood of cases of foodborne illness.

Foodborne illness can result in nausea, fever, vomiting, stomach cramps and diarrhoea.

These symptoms may last for some days and can lead to hospitalisation in some cases. 

Fact sheets and checklists

The following food safety fact sheets and checklists are available to assist you ensure you are food safe at home.

Food Outside the Home

Food Safety at Home

Food Safety While Shopping

Knowing Your Fridge

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