Barking Dogs

Dogs bark for a variety of reasons - when they scared or lonely, or sometimes it is just their way of saying hello. 

When a dog's barking becomes excessive however, it can cause stress and frustration for those living close by.

If you have a barking dog complaint, council recommends that you first try and contact the dog's owners to talk to them about your problem.  The owner might not realise that their dog is barking excessively, and would be happy to work with you to come to a solution. 

Should talking to the owner not be an option, or if the problem is not solved after doing this, you can send your complaint in writing to council. You can do this via our online Customer Enquiry Form, or by mail to: Gosford City Council, PO BOX 21, Gosford, 2250. 

On receipt of a barking dog complaint, council will write a ​letter advising the dog's owners that a complaint has been received. The owners will be asked to take steps to address the problem, and mitigate the need for any further action by council.

If these initial attempts to manage nuisance barking are unsuccessful, you will be required to keep a 14 day Barking Dog Diary for submission to council. 

Returned diaries will be reviewed to determine whether further action is warranted. If nuisance barking is identified, Further Investigations will take place. If no further action is required, the complainant will be notified in writing.

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