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The Gosford Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2014 came into effect on 11 February 2014.

As the principle legal document for guiding development and planning decisions made by council, the Gosford LEP encourages and assists responsible development across our region.

Through zoning and development controls, the LEP allows council to manage the way in which land is used to shape our community.

It is also a way of reflecting strategic land use planning undertaken by councils - for example, by providing an adequate supply of land for housing and employment.


For a list of zones in Gosford City under LEP 2014, refer to the land use table in Gosford LEP Zoning.


LEP 2014 Maps

Items currently deferred from the Gosford LEP 2014 (signified on maps as DM, i.e. Deferred Matters)

Gosford Planning Scheme Ordinance (GPSO)

Interim Development Order (IDO 122)

State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs)

State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs) prepared by the State Government's Department of Planning and Environment (DoP&E) override all LEPs.

Particularly relevant SEPPs are those which permit certain development, e.g. Exempt and Complying, Infrastructure and Affordable Housing.

Supporting documents

Gosford Development Control Plan (DCP) 2013
The DCP provides support and guidelines for the provisions outlined in the Gosford LEP.

The Gosford DCP 2013 came into effect on 11 February 2014 (the same day as the Gosford LEP 2014) and replaces all current 109 DCPs.

It is now the only DCP applying to land in the Gosford Local Government Area and will apply to land under LEP 2014 and deferred lands from LEP 2014.

Gosford Development Control Plan 2013

Contributions Plans
Contributions Plans (CPs) apply to various areas and properties in the Gosford LGA.  

CPs provide the basis for contributions to be paid on certain proposed, more intense development.

The contributions are used by council to provide for services or infrastructure generated by the actual development – for example, a new playground, roundabout, community building or trunk drain.  

Where a CP applies to a property, it must be considered for application within the development approval process.

Contributions Plans

The Coastal Open Space System (COSS)

In response to community concern, council has requested the State Government include an additional environmental zone in the Gosford LEP catering for lands acquired by council for inclusion in the COSS.

Until an additional environmental zone is established, the government has agreed to allow certain rural/non-urban coastal and COSS lands to be deferred from the Gosford LEP.

The deferred rural / non-urban land is generally private land zoned 7(a) Conservation or 7(c2) Scenic Protection lying east of the M1 freeway.

These lands are referred to as ‘Deferred Matter’ (DM) on the LEP map entitled ‘Land Application’.

The DM lands retain their zones under the existing planning instruments prior to the LEP being made.  

These deferred lands will be subject to a future council planning proposal to zone them appropriately within Gosford LEP 2014.

Gosford Local Environmental Plan 2014
Gosford Planning Ordinance Scheme
Interim Development Order Number 122
Gosford Development Control Plan 2013

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