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Trees on Private Property

Trees in the sun

Trees are part of what make the Gosford LGA such a unique and beautiful place to live. Urban trees exist within our suburbs and play an important role in enhancing the city's character. Looking after and managing trees requires input from the whole community.

All trees over three (3) metres in height are protected under council's Tree Preservation Order.  

Trees on private land

A Tree Works Application is necessary when removing or pruning a tree on private land.

Things to consider when completing a Private Tree Works Application:

  • The applicant must be the owner or delegated manager of the affected property;
  • You can apply to prune back to your boundary line, any branches overhanging from your neighbour’s tree, but only the owner of a tree can apply for its removal;
  • There is an application fee to apply for approval to remove a tree;
  • There is an application fee to apply for approval to prune a tree;
  • If your tree is part of a current Development Application with council please do not complete this form, as this tree will be assessed as part of the development process; and
  • For Deferred Matter land, contact the Local Land Service who are the approval authority for removal of trees or vegetation (not associated with a development activity). They can be contacted on 1300 778 080. ​Deferred Matter land can be identified by searching the Mapping Page  (ensure you turn on the layer for the LEP 2014).

Private Tree Works Application (online)

Private Tree Works Application (printable)

Significant tree register

Trees form an essential part of the character and landscape that make up Gosford City. We have a thriving urban tree population, along with native species covering the ridges of our Coastal Open Space System.

To preserve local significant trees, council has established a significant tree register. Trees listed on the register have been selected based on the following categories:

  • Landscape amenity - size, form, colour and texture;
  • Functional purpose - trees which form a service such as screen, avenue, windbreaks or shade, or habitat/food for native fauna;
  • Historical importance - established trees which mark an event, planted by dignitaries or early pioneers;
  • Aboriginal importance - trees located on identified aboriginal sites; and
  • Botanical/ horticultural importance- trees of rare or endangered species or generic type. 

View the Significant Tree Register.

New vegetation clearing rules for bushfire prone areas

The 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Code of Practice, which relates to the clearing of trees and vegetation on bushfire-prone land, has recently come into effect for New South Wales.
Much of the Gosford LGA is designated in the 10/50 vegetation clearing entitlement area. 

This means owners of properties within the entitlement area can remove any tree (over a height of three metres) that is within 10 metres of a habitable dwelling, or any vegetation under three metres (such as shrubs and plants) that is within 50 metres of a habitable dwelling, without requiring consent.

Vegetation may only be cleared in accordance with the 10/50 rules as set out in the Code of Practice.

For more information, or to check if your property is in a 10/50 area visit the Rural Fire Service website.

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