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DA Submissions

DA submissions


Members of the public are able to make a submission on currently advertised Development Applications (DA). To view currently advertised DAs visit council's ePlanning Portal.

Council notifies owners (and in certain cases occupiers) who live adjacent to a property on which a DA has been lodged so that comments may be taken into account when council considers the application. This communication with owners gives council a better appreciation of local issues and enables more informed decisions to be made.

The NSW Government Department of Planning & Environment also has a range of Local Insights and Useful Planning-Related Statistics and Projections.

Before you make a submission

Before making a submission about a DA you should inspect the plans and read any accompanying information so you are clear on the details. The applicant will most likely be your neighbour or their consultant so you may be able to clarify detail or resolve any concerns by discussing it with them.

Plans can be inspected at the Customer Service Centre on the ground floor at 49 Mann Street, Gosford during the hours 8.30am to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday or the notification plan is available on council's website until the date of determination.


If your submission is an objection, any grounds of objection must be clearly stated and should not include references of a personal nature.

Submissions will be made available to the applicant and the public this includes publication to council’s website. Please ensure original signatures are not included on any submissions.

How to make a submission

Submissions can be made: 

  • Through our Online eForm (preferred).
  • In writing, addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Gosford City Council, PO Box 21 Gosford, 2250. 

Your submission, whether online or in writing, must be received by council by the closing date for public exhibition of the DA. Any late submissions may not be considered.

Once you have made a submission

Council will send you an acknowledgement of your submission, and notify you of the outcome of the DA. Staff do not reply to questions posed in written submissions but cover issues as part of the DA assessment.

If DA plans are amended you will only be notified if council's assessing officer considers the changes have a greater effect on your property than the original. To monitor progress of the DA you can refer to council's website or contact the assessing officer.


Submissions will be made available to the applicant and the public, and includes publication on council’s website. Personal information provided within the online form will remain unpublished. Email and hard copy submissions will be published in full. Please ensure original signatures are not included on any submissions.

Your comments will be considered in conjunction with council's legal responsibilities, the interests of the community and the reasonable expectations and rights of the applicant.  In making a decision council has to balance these competing interests.

Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998

The supply of personal contact information in a submission is voluntary pursuant to the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. By including your contact information in a submission you are acknowledging that it will be made available for public view at council offices and through the council website.

Political donations

If you have made a reportable political donation or gift in the last two years you will need to complete the "Disclosure of Political Donations and Gifts" section of the form.

For posted submissions, you will need to complete the Disclosure of Political Donations and Gifts Form

Please note failure to complete this section if such a Political Donation/Gift has been made is an offence under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

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