Building & Development

Development Process

A Guide to Development

A Development Application (DA) is a request for permission to carry out proposed development. This page contains information on the development process and guidance on lodging your DA.

Pre-Development Meeting

Pre-Development Meeting

Council conducts pre-development meetings to provide customers with information or advice regarding development proposals.

Before commencing building work

Before Commencing Building Work

Information on appointing a principal certifying authority, becoming an owner builder and home warranty insurance.

DA Submissions

DA Submissions

Members of the public are able to make a submission on currently advertised Development Applications (DA). 

Joint Regional Planning Panels

Joint Regional Planning Panels (JRPPs)

JRPPs strengthen decision-making on regionally significant development applications and certain other planning matters.

Unauthorised Building and Development

Unauthorised Building and Development

Unauthorised building work takes many forms and can range from very minor technical breaches which cause little or no environmental harm, to blatant environmental law breaches for projects that would never receive development approval. 

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