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Licenced Business Use on Open Space

License on Open Space

Gosford City Council recognises the importance of a healthy and active community. While council has an obligation to preserve open space areas for general community use, it recognises that in some circumstances, the undertaking of trade or business activities on open space reserves can enhance the use of these areas and provide a benefit to the community.

The control of activities and locations ensures the impact on the community and environment is minimised, yet provides support to local businesses and ensures the provision of recreational activities are in place.

Trade or business activities that will be considered by council must be ancillary to the purpose of the reserve and be of an educational nature and/or encourage active participation in a healthy lifestyle.  Activities deemed appropriate include:

  • Canoe, Kayak and Paddleboats
  • Coaching and Clinics
  • Corporate Group Training
  • Dog Obedience Classes
  • Personal Training, Fitness Groups and Bootcamp Operators
  • Stand Up Paddle Boards
  • Surf Schools (including elite level)

Temporary licensing

As per the Licensing of a Trade/Business on Open Space Areas Policy, any trade or business wanting to conduct activities on council managed open space areas must apply for an annual temporary licence. 

Temporary licensing provides council with the ability to regulate and monitor trade or business activities being conducted on open space reserves to ensure ecologically sustainable use and protection of these areas and the safety and well-being of the community.

Expressions of interest (EOI)

Council seeks applications for temporary licences through an annual Expression of Interest (EOI) process. EOI for temporary licences to undertake business or trade activities on open space areas for the 2017/18 financial year have now closed.

Approved Operators

Approved operators are required to provide substantial information to council to obtain authorisation to operate on council managed reserves.  Council requires operators to provide documentation including accreditation, public liability insurance, risk management plans and environmental hazard assessments.

Council requires this information to ensure that the operators that are approved are undertaking safe, environmentally responsible operations on open space reserves.

Please download the 201​7/1​8 list of Authorised Operators.

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