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Wedding Ceremonies

Gosford City boasts many wonderful locations to host your special outdoor wedding ceremony. You can apply to use Gosford City beaches, reserves, parklands or lookouts for the occasion.

Outdoor Wedding Locations in Gosford City

A wedding is a very personal event, so we recommend that you allow plenty of time to look around and find a location that best suits your needs.

If you choose to hold an outdoor wedding, an event application form may need to be completed.

It is recommended that you contact council prior to completing your application to make a tentative booking.

Applications should be lodged well in advance of your desired date to ensure availability.

There are two different types of applications:

Passive Booking Application
Wedding Ceremony Application

The first and most common application is a Passive Booking. This enables you to hold a gathering of up to eighty people on council land for up to three hours.

There is a nominal fee and applications are granted with the understanding that there will be a structure allowance of up to 12 chairs, one table and two small structures, weighted by sandbags (pegs are not permitted).  

The second type of application is a Wedding Ceremony Booking, which applies to people whose event may be longer than three hours.

You can also apply to use structures such as seating or marquees.

If you wish to use a viewing platform for your ceremony, you must apply through this application.

Please be aware that marquees are not permitted in all locations.

Structure allowance for wedding ceremonies:

  • 24 chairs for ceremony seating;
  • Two chairs and one table for signing of the wedding register;
  • Small archway (maximum 2m wide x 2.5m high) must be weighted by sandbags - pegs are not permitted;
  • Two marquees, weighted with sandbags - pegs are not permitted;
  • Two flags (e.g. Bali flags);
  • Beach marquees are not to exceed three metres x three metres and are to be weighted with sandbags; and
  • Other structures at the asset manager’s discretion. 

Please note Wedding Ceremony Applications will not be assessed without the following documentation:

  • Risk Management Plan - Outlining all possible, even unlikely, risks that may occur and how you intend to eliminate or control these risks; 
  • Detailed Site Map - Marking out placement of any structures (for example, chairs, tables, marquees, PA system).

Please phone Gosford City Council on 4325 8222 for tentative bookings and more information.

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