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Passive Events

A passive open space booking is required for small community events which have an attendance of less than 80 people and a maximum duration of three hours.

They have a structure allowance of up to 12 chairs, one table and two small structures, weighted by sandbags (pegs are not permitted).

Passive open space bookings could include events such as family reunions or small weddings with minimal structures.

Community groups wishing to hire one of council's stages (small and medium) can also use the Passive Event booking form.

Prior to submitting an application, event organisers are required to contact council's Customer Service Centre on 4325 8222 to make a tentative booking to ensure the site and date availability, and to determine the appropriate event category.

Passive Event Booking Form

Things to consider when planning your event

  • Can the official party and all your guests get to the area safely?  
  • Do you have elderly or mobility impaired guests?  
  • Is the area easily accessible for delivering equipment and setup? Vehicle access is not permitted into park or beach areas. Vehicles must be parked in designated car parking spaces.
  • Do you have a wet weather alternative? 

Your booking will ensure that there are no other bookings for the same time and in the same location. However, the approval does not guarantee exclusive use of the area and its facilities.

Council keeps its parks and gardens tidy on a routine maintenance program. Council cannot control leaf or other debris from people using the area before your event.

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