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Kincumba Mountain Kiosk

Kincumba Mountain Kiosk was established at Honeyman's Rock Picnic Area in 1985. The Kiosk is a unique mud brick building that is currently used to hold low-key functions. The public is able to book the kiosk for social functions that fit within the guidelines for management.

The kiosk comprises one main room and a basic kitchen, with stove, fridge and an urn. Food is not to be prepared in the kiosk kitchen.

The facilities in the kitchen do not meet food preparation standards; therefore, any food provided for a function in the kiosk must be prepared off site.

The capacity of the kiosk is limited by its size. For safety reasons, the Building Code of Australia stipulates the maximum number of persons allowable in the building at any one time is one hundred. Therefore approved functions are limited to 100 people.

Hire of the kiosk applies to the building itself, which includes the verandas, and use of tables and chairs, but which does not include any part of the reserve.

Separate application for use of the reserve must be made if the function is to use the reserve at any time.

Exclusive use of the reserve is not possible; however, booking of the reserve will ensure that other functions or events are not booked in the reserve at the same time.

The toilets in the reserve serve the kiosk as well as the reserve.

Kincumba Mountain Kiosk Application Form

For more information, please phone (02)​ 02 4350 5555 or email

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