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Public Wharves and Boat Ramps

Wharf on Brisbane Water

Public wharves

The following list outlines the wharves available for public use in the Gosford LGA.

Name Address 
Avoca Lake Wharf Avoca Drive, Avoca Beach
Bar Estate Wharf Daley Avenue, Daleys Point
Bar Point
Bay View Wharf Steyne Road, Saratoga
Blackwall Finger Wharf Blackwall Road, Woy Woy
Byala Lane Wharf Byala Lane, Saratoga
Carark Road Wharf Carrak Road, Kincumber
Central Wharf Davistown Road, Davistown
Cogra Bay
Couche Park Wharf Brisbane Water Drive, Koolewong
Erina Creek Finger Wharf The Entrance Road, Erina
Eulalia Wharf Amy Street, Davistown
Ferry Road Wharf Ferry Road, Booker Bay
Fire Wharf Patonga Jacaranda Avenue, Patonga
Gosford Breakwall Dane Drive, Gosford
Guyra Street Wharf Guyra Street, Booker Bay
Hardys Bay Wharf Araluen Drive, Hardys Bay
Hastings Wharf Kallaroo Road, Bensville
Humphreys Road Wharf Humphreys Road, Kincumber South
Jirramba Avenue Wharf Jirramba Avenue, Saratoga
Kendall Road Wharf  Kendall Road, Empire Bay 
Killcare Extension Wharf​ Hardys Bay Parade, Killcare
Killcare Wharf Araluen Drive, Killcare
Koolewong Finger 1 Brisbane Water Drive, Koolewong
Koolewong Finger 2 Brisbane Water Drive, Koolewong
Lintern Street Wharf Lintern Street, Davistown
Lions Park Finger Wharf North Burge Road, Woy Woy
Little Wobby
Mooney Mooney
Orana Street Finger Wharf Orana Street, Green Point
Oroo Street Wharf Pretty Beach Road, Pretty Beach
Patonga Wharf Patonga Drive, Patonga
Phegans Bay Wharf Phegans Bay Road, Phegans Bay
Pier Street Wharf Pier Street, Woy Woy
Pine Avenue Wharf Pine Avenue, Davistown
Pretty Beach Wharf​ Heath Road, Pretty Beach  
Rawson Road Wharf Rawson Road, Woy Woy
Shelly Beach Road Wharf Shelly Beach Road, Empire Bay
Veterans Hall Wharf Henderson Road, Saratoga
View Parade Wharf​ View Parade, Saratoga 
Wagstaffe Wharf Mulhall Street, Wagstaffe
Woy Woy Bay Wharf Bassan Street, Woy Woy
Woy Woy Cargo Wharf
The Boulevarde, Woy Woy
Woy Woy Passenger Wharf
The Boulevarde, Woy Woy
Yattalunga Wharf Mundoora Avenue, Yattalunga

Boat launching ramps

Members of the public are able to launch their boats from the following boat ramps in Gosford City.
Locality Address  UBD Ref Access  Additional Information 
Blackwall Blackwall Road  107 D6  Deepwater  Wharf 
Davistown Amy Street  98 B16  Deepwater   
Lintern Street 97 K14  Deepwater   
Davistown Restella Avenue  97 M15  High tide   
Empire Bay Kendall Street  107 P2  Deepwater  
Ettalong The Esplanade  107 B14  Deepwater  On the beach
Gosford Dane Drive  87 E7  Deepwater   
Gosford Masons Parade 87 E8  Deepwater  Ramp and pontoon 
Green Point Orana Street  87 L15  Deepwater   
Koolewong Brisbane Water Drive  96 K4  Deepwater   
Patonga At camping ground  115 J14  Shallow   
Patonga Dark Corner  115 M12  Ocean   
Pretty Beach Opposite school  107 J16  Deepwater  Pontoon 
Saratoga Centennial Avenue  97 L9  High tide   
St Huberts Island Luderick Avenue  107 H2  Shallow   
Terrigal Terrigal Haven  90 A13  Ocean   
Woy Woy Lions Park, Burge Road  97 C14  Deepwater   
Woy Woy South Woy Woy Road  106 G4  Deepwater  Two ramps - one with pontoon 

More information 

Further details can be found on the Public Boat Ramps and Wharves Map and the Publicly Accessible Foreshores Map

For more information on NSW public boat ramps, please visit Maritime Services.

Brisbane Water Public Wharves and Boat Ramps Usage Study

Brisbane Water Public Wharves and Boat Ramps Usage Study

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