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Pedestrian and Cycleways

Shared Path and Cycleway at Woy Woy

Shared paths, footpaths and bicycle lanes

The former Gosford LGA has more than 347 kilometres of pedestrian and cycling paths, the majority being 295 kilometres of off road footpaths, designed mainly for pedestrians.

Of this, there are 52 kilometres of existing shared paths or off road cycleways (with another 39 kilometres proposed) and 25 kilometres of existing on road cycleways being bicycle lanes/road shoulders (with another 129 km proposed).

Shared pathways can be used by both pedestrians and cyclists, whilst bicycle lanes are on road facilities on the side of the road usually marked by painted white lines and bicycle symbols.

This integrated network forms the basis of council’s objective to encourage cycling as a convenient, sustainable and healthy mode of transport and way to enjoy the region.

Users of shared paths or cycleways are expected to show courtesy to other users and to stick to the path to prevent erosion and possible damage to the adjoining vegetation.

Simple rules for using shared paths:

  • Cyclists - give way to pedestrians and alert walkers. Slow down when approaching and sound your bell, especially when approaching from behind;
  • Pedestrians - step off the path when stopping to avoid creating a hazard on the pathway, and keep dogs on a short leash; and
  • Please remember that all users must keep to the left.

Using shared pathways and bicycle lanes has many benefits such as:

  • Being an affordable and accessible form of sustainable transport and recreational activity;
  • Contributing towards reducing our carbon footprint and traffic congestion;
  • Improving wellbeing and health of residents and visitors;
  • Improving access and enhancing social interchange within communities;
  • An attractive transport option to other transport nodes; and
  • Encouraging healthy lifestyles. 

Are you going for a bicycle ride? Before you start, here are some tips in our Safe Cycling Checklist to help keep you safe! 

The guide is also available by visiting or phoning one of council’s Customer Service Centres.

Any enquiries regarding council’s shared paths or bicycle lanes can be made by phoning (02) 4325 8222 or emailing



Cycleway Finder

Locate cycleways for suburbs across NSW, view handy resources such as making a bike plan and the NSW road rules.


Safe Cycling Checklist

Are you going for a bicycle ride? Before you start, here are some tips to help keep you safe!


Gosford Bike Strategy 2014

This strategy provides strategic guidance in the delivery of a safe, well connected and comfortable cycling environment in Gosford City. 

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