Water Pressure Management Project Davistown

Council has invested around $500,000 in a water pressure management project in Davistown. The project creates a Pressure Management Zone (PMZ) including approximately 850 residential properties, the Davistown RSL and the Allura Waters Retirement Village.

The project required the installation of a centralised pressure control valve, network flow meter, security cabinet and 660 metres of new reticulation mains.

The Davistown project was supported by a contribution of $135,000 from the Central Coast Water Savings Fund.

Project status

Construction of the Davistown project began in May 2013 and was completed in November 2013. The infrastructure will remain in place and continue to reduce the significantly high water pressures experienced in the area.

Community benefits

The previously high water pressures within the Davistown PMZ have been reduced by almost 50 per cent, whilst still continuing to provide customers with water pressure above council’s standard level of service sufficient for use. The benefits of reducing the high water pressures include:

  • A saving of 18ML of water per annum from leakages;
  • A 65 per cent reduction in pipe bursts; and
  • A four year extension on the life of the assets.

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