Council Trusts

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Gosford City Council is the trustee of various community and environmentally focused trusts, including the Gosford Foundation Trust, Gosford Protection of the Environment Trust and Gosford Housing Trust.  

Gosford Foundation Trust

This trust was set up by council to encourage and facilitate benevolent acts by individuals, families or organisations who wish to donate real estate, art or funds for public use.

The trust is designed to totally finance or subsidise recreational, cultural, environmental and other community facilities, programs and projects, which benefit the Gosford community.

It also ensures that funds are used for their intended purpose, for example, to purchase artworks.

Read more about the Gosford Foundation Trust

Gosford Protection of the Environment Trust

This trust promotes the protection and enhancement of the natural environment, in particular, the conservation of flora and fauna indigenous to the former Gosford Local Government Area.

Contributions and gifts to the trust can be used for the acquisition, maintenance, preservation, enhancement or embellishment of land. If a developer is required to transfer land to an Environmental Organisation as a condition of development, it may be transferred to the Gosford Protection of the Environment Trust.

Gosford Housing Trust

This trust was created to fill a need to collect funds and/or housing stock. The need for affordable housing has been identified in both council's Affordable Housing Strategy (adopted in 2005) and the Residential Strategy (draft prepared 2007). 

Both planning documents provide a framework for how council can address the needs of its residents through the provision of a mix of housing that is affordable, appropriate and sustainable.

For more information on council's trusts or to obtain a copy of the trust deeds, email or phone 4325 8222.

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