Water Usage and Meters

Water usage

Gosford City Council reads most water meters twice per year with a water account issued after each reading.

All property types pay a water usage charge based on the volume of water measured by the water meter.

Non-residential properties also pay a sewage usage charge for sewage discharged into council’s system. This volume is determined using volume of water measured by the water meter multiplied by the property’s discharge factor.

Water and Sewerage Service Charges are also presented on your six-monthly water account.

Access to your water meter

To provide council with reasonable access to the water meter for the purposes of reading and/or maintenance, property owners should ensure space of a least 300mm around and below the water meter and 1200mm above the meter is cleared.

The water meter must be clear of shrubs and trees, hazardous plants, soil and other obstructions. Should your water meter be behind a locked gate or a dog is within its proximity, please contact council to make access arrangements.

More information

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