Rates and Water Billing

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Gosford City Council uses rates to maintain, improve and provide services and facilities for our ratepayers, residents and visitors. Every day, Gosford City Council also supplies around 33 million litres of water to approximately 60,000 properties through 1,000 kilometres of water mains.  


Rates funds are used to maintain, improve and provide services and facilities for ratepayers, residents and visitors to the local area.

To find out more about how council sets its rates, how rates are calculated, and when you’ll need to pay your rates, visit our Rates page.

Water, sewerage and stormwater drainage charges

We are currently experiencing a delay with the distribution of water accounts. Please see these Frequently Asked Question's for more information.

Council levies water, sewerage and stormwater drainage charges to recover the costs of providing these services. For more information about these charges see the Water, Sewerage and Stormwater Drainage Charges page.

You can find out more about water usage charges and water meters on the Water Usage and Meters page.  

Online notices

Council has two methods for electronic notice delivery; BPAY View and email.

BPAY View is offered by Australia’s major financial institutions, and enables customers to view, pay and store their rates and water accounts within their internet bank.

You can register for to receive your rates and water accounts through BPAY View by logging on to your internet bank.

To receive your notices via email with the notice attached in Adobe PDF format, follow the link below and follow the prompts.

Register for the Online Notice Service. 

Payment options

We offer a variety of payment methods for rates and water consumption accounts. 

To find out what these are, visit our Payment Options page.

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