Pet Ownership

Pet OwnershipMany people enjoy having a pet for companionship, social interaction and a sense of security.

Everyone who owns a pet must be aware of their responsibilities - not only to their pet, but also to the wider community.

Pet registration 

You must register your cat or dog by six months of age.

The registration fee is a once only payment, which covers the cat or dog for its lifetime in NSW, regardless of any changes in ownership.

You are encouraged to have your cat or dog desexed before registering it. You can process your application at your closest Customer Service Centre or any other NSW Local Council in your area.

You will need to present:

• The Fee
• A signed Lifetime Registration (R2) Form
• Proof of desexing, if applicable. This may take the form of a Certificate of Sterilisation or receipt containing microchip number from a vet or a statutory declaration from a previous owner stating that the cat or dog has been desexed and is permanently incapable of reproduction.
• Any other document entitling you to a discount, for example, a pensioner concession card or recognised breeder identification.

You will be issued a Certificate of Registration after your cat or dog is registered. The certificate will include the registration information recorded on the NSW Companion Animals Register.

If your contact details change, you must notify authorities within 14 days of the change as penalties may apply. Keeping your contact details up to date will assist in the return of your cat or dog should it become lost or stray.

View the Change of Owner / Details Form

For further information contact council's Customer Service Centre on 4325 8222. 

Subsidised Desexing Program

Central Coast Council is introducing a new program to support the community in responsible pet ownership.

Council will provide eligible residents with a Desexing Voucher of a set amount to assist with the cost of the de-sexing procedure, when carried out by an Approved Vet. The owner must pay the remaining required fee directly to the veterinary surgeon.

Central Coast residents will have the opportunity to apply for a De-Sexing Voucher via an Application Form available online or at Council Customer Service Centres.  

See if you are eligible for a Desexing Voucher.

Download the Application For Central Coast Council Subsidised De-Sexing Voucher.

Barking dogs

For information about how to deal with excessive barking in your neighbourhood, visit our Barking Dogs page.

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