Residential Vehicle Crossing Concrete Footpath Application

A vehicle access crossing or crossover is an access point to enable a vehicle to cross from the road to an adjacent property. These crossings are required to be constructed by the property owner to council's levels and specifications.

Notes for the applicant

No work is to commence until an initial site inspection has been completed by a council inspector and approval granted.

Tiled, stamped, exposed aggregate and pebblecrete driveways is not allowed within road reserve. Concrete within the road reserve on non-kerb and guttered streets will also not be approved.

All formwork inspections are to be booked 48 hours in advance. It is expected that within 14 days all backfilling etc, will have been carried out to council's requirements.

Council reserves the right to refuse applications from concreters who have outstanding issues from other vehicle crossing projects.

Notes for the concreter/contractor

1. The concreter is responsible for the protection of the public during construction (barricades, safe lanes etc.), and for all damage caused to any public utility by the construction of the crossing or footpath.

2. When formwork is removed, the excavated area is to be back filled and levelled with topsoil to the top of the slab and the area made safe for pedestrians.

3. Concreters must book an inspection with council's Access Overseer 48 hours prior to the required inspection time. The access/footpath should be formed up ready to pour, and formwork and mesh must be in place on a compacted base. To book an inspection, phone (02) 4325 8408 and quote the application number.

4. The Concreter must contact Telstra, AGL, Energy Australia, and Gosford City Council's Water Supply or ring Dial Before U Dig (Telephone 1100) in regard to locations of services prior to excavation.

5. A $10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance Policy is to be held in the concreter's name/concreter's trading name.

6. Council accepts no responsibility for the identification or position of property boundaries (either at the street or alongside boundaries).

7. The concreter is to comply with occupational health and safety and WorkCover requirements and all other requirements associated with the construction.

8. It is the responsibility of the concreter carrying out the driveway or footpath construction to ensure the site is kept safe and pedestrians have safe access around the construction site. A traffic control plan (as per Australian Standard 1742-3) must be kept on site by the concreter and produced upon request by council inspector/WorkCover inspector.

9. Soil erosion and sedimentation control measures are to be maintained during the entire construction period until disturbed areas are restored. Council may issue infringement notices including a monetary penalty where the maintenance measures fail to meet minimum standards as required by council's policy and acts of law.

Residential Vehicle Crossing Concrete Footpath Application Form

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