Public Participation Speakers Request

Council encourages members of the community to participate in the decision-making process of the council and provides the following procedures.

Public participation is permitted for business before the council when in Open Council, and at the Closed Council Meeting for confidential items. 

This does not allow the public to participate in respect to petitions and questions on notice reports, which are ‘information only’ items, nor individual tenderers to participate in respect to tenders, nor reports concerning investigations of allegations of Code of Conduct violations by Councillors, the Chief Executive Officer or other council employees. 

The speaker should not make defamatory or insulting statements. The speaker is to ensure they have approvals to discuss other people's personal information.

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Agenda papers (reports) to council meetings are available from this site from 12.00pm of each Thursday immediately preceding the next scheduled meeting date.

Customer should note that all reports posted on this site are available as Adobe PDFs only. Acrobat Reader will be required to view.  

Public Participation Speakers Request Form

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