Welcome to Gosford Electronic Mapping System (GEMS).

GEMS is a free, interactive web mapping application that allows users the ability to locate and obtain a variety of information about zoning, bushfire prone areas, property information (search addresses or suburbs), and dog off leash areas.

This system takes advantage of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), where users can overlay various ‘layers’ of data to visually see the effects.

For example, a person can search for a particular property, obtain the zone and see the surrounding zones, as well as other information such as nearby roads and suburbs.

The Mapping Fact Sheet provides information on the mapping layers available in GEMS:

  • Aerial Photography;
  • 100 Year Flood Extents;
  • LEP - Gosford Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2014; and
  • Topography. 

For an overview on how to use GEMS, please refer to the HELP Documentation.

Access GEMS - Gosford Electronic Mapping System.

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