July 2017

Media Statement on Four Corners Story

Aug 08, 2017

Central Coast Council is aware the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is investigating issues arising from the use of the site at Spencer. Council is also investigating other aspects of the use of the site. Council will not interfere with the EPA’s investigation or any other investigations by making public comment.

The former Gosford City Council commenced proceedings regarding the Mangrove Mountain site in the Land and Environment Court regarding alleged breaches of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. The Land and Environment Court proceedings were resolved by the Court making orders, which are a matter of public record.

The future use of the Mangrove Mountain site, and the time frame for such use, is a matter for the owner of the site.  However any use will need to comply with relevant laws, and Council will, where it is the relevant authority under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act for that future use, deal with applications it receives from the site owner. Once that future use is the subject of a relevant consent under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, the owner may seek the issue of an environment protection licence under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act from the NSW EPA.

The EPA’s website contains a register of the licenses it has issued, including those that relate to the Mangrove Mountain site.  

Council is aware of environmental testing undertaken in and around the Mangrove Mountain site, and based on that testing understands that risks associated with the landfill are being managed so as to ensure the nearby waterways are not affected.

It is not appropriate for Council to comment on the employment of, or the circumstances of termination, by the former Gosford City Council of Mr Chestnut.  

Council confirms that neither Mr Chestnut, nor any former staff of the former Gosford Council or of this Council that may have been interviewed by Four Corners are spokespersons for Central Coast Council.

Domestic waste collected from residents’ red lid bins is disposed of in Council’s Buttonderry Waste Management Facility and Woy Woy landfill with environmental management at the forefront.  This arrangement will continue when the new contractor, Cleanaway, takes over waste services on 1 February 2018.

Council’s current contractor, Remondis uses a sub-contractor, PAR at Somersby to do glass recycling. Glass collected from yellow recycling bins is crushed, washed and used as a sand alternative for civil construction works here on the Central Coast and in the Hunter.

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