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​October 2017

Social Housing Community Improvement Fund Projects

Oct 19, 2017

Central Coast Council has completed more than $308,000 worth of upgrades to a range of community infrastructure, thanks to $168,000 in contributions from the second round of the Department of Family and Community Services’ (FACS) Social Housing Community Improvement Fund (SHCIF).

Provided for projects that make physical improvements in social housing areas, including construction of new capital works, or refurbishment, upgrade and repairs of existing facilities and public spaces, the Fund has assisted the recent renewal of five local infrastructure upgrades.

Council Director Assets, Infrastructure and Business, Mike Dowling, said the fund supports stronger and safer communities through improved amenity and enhanced community facilities.

“The SHCIF has completely or partially funded a range of local infrastructure upgrades to the benefit of social housing tenants and the broader community,” said Mr Dowling.

“Grants up to $50,000 have been utilised to improve community facilities including play spaces, skate parks and reserves through the installation of pathways, seating, shade shelters and playground improvements, making these facilities safer and more accommodating for all users.”

Completed projects include:

  • Woodward Avenue Reserve, Wyong – installation of new pathway and seating – 100% SHCIF funding
  • Lake Haven Recreation Centre play space – installation of new play space and rubber softfall – 55% SHCIF funding
  • Avery Street play space, Killarney Vale –  installation of rubber softfall – 100% SHCIF funding
  • Berkeley Vale skate park Stage 2 – extension of existing skate park including a new shade shelter and seating – 30% SHCIF funding
  • Owen Avenue play space, Wyong –  timber edging replacement, installation of play equipment and seating –100% SHCIF funding

Council has been successful in securing further funding under Round Three of the SHCIF, with six successful projects set to receive upgrades in 2018.

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