Short-Term Rental Accommodation

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Short-term rental accommodation is defined in the Gosford Local Environmental Plan 2014 as a dwelling that is commercially available for rent as short-term accommodation on a temporary basis, but does not include bed and breakfast accommodation.

Short-term rental accommodation is allowable under the Gosford Local Environmental Plan 2014 as Exempt Development, if the following five items are able to be complied with:

(1)  The subject dwelling must be located in a zone where dwellings are permitted with consent.

(2)  The dwelling must not contain more than four bedrooms.

(3)  The dwelling must be serviced by a general waste garbage bin of at least 240L capacity.

(4)  If the dwelling is located in a bush fire prone area, a bush fire evacuation plan must be attached to the dwelling in a prominent location.

(5)  There must not have been more than two written complaints to the Council concerning the activities taking place on the property from the occupiers of separate dwellings located within 40 metres of the subject dwelling within the preceding 12 months.

Where the dwelling falls outside the of the criteria listed above, the owner should contact Gosford City Council’s Planning team to discuss the options that may be available with respect to their property.

For further assistance in this or any other property use questions, please contact Gosford City Council by phoning  (02) 4325 8222 or by emailing

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