Food Safety in Your Business

Inspection program

Gosford City Council's food surveillance officers undertake regular food shop inspections where they assess food shops based on their food safety and food handling practices.

Food Inspector With Business OwnerThe primary aim of these inspections is to ensure that the food sold is safe to consume.

Council works in partnership with the NSW Food Authority to address food related matters such as: labelling, allergens in food and food borne illness investigations. More information about the partnership is available on the Food Authority website.

Further information on food standards is available at Food Standards Australia New Zealand.

Please complete the Electronic Food Premise Registration Application to register your food business with Gosford City Council.

Temporary Food Business and Mobile Food

Temporary Food Businesses or Mobile Food Vendors that wish to operate at a Council approved event must fill in a Temporary Food Business Application for approval.

Approvals can be for a single event approval, or annual approval.

All businesses are required to pay a fee, except for businesses registered for non-profit or charitable purposes. Registered Charities and NFP organisations are still required to provide a letter of request for exemption (from fees) as well as supporting documents for their not for profit status.

Central Coast Council encompasses both the former Wyong Shire Council and former Gosford City Council, if you already hold an Approval to Operate issued by the Wyong Office of Central Coast Council you are not required to obtain a second approval.

Environmental Health Officers regularly inspect events and operators must meet the same standards as commercial operations.

For additional information have a look at the NSW Government Food Authority - Guidelines for food businesses at temporary events and the Mobile Food Vending Guidelines.

Food safety supervisor

Legislation requires certain food businesses to have at least one trained food safety supervisor.

This applies to businesses serving food that is ready to eat, potentially hazardous and not sold and served in its package.

Currently this does not apply to: school canteens, childcare centres, delicatessens, green grocers, seafood retailers who sell only raw food, and not-for-profit, community or charitable organisations.

Further information is available on the Food Authority website.

Fact sheets and checklists

The following food safety fact sheets and checklists are available to assist in meeting the food safety requirements for your business.


Personal Hygiene

Cross Contamination

Pest Management

Doggy Bags

Starting a Food Business

Foodborne Illness

Taste Testing

Food Quality

Waste Management

Cleaning Program

Emergency Power Failure

Food Safety after a Flood, Fire or Power Cut


The following NSW Food Authority guidelines are also available:

NSW Food Authority Guidelines for Temporary Events

NSW Food Authority Guidelines for Mobile Food Vending

Food hygiene seminars

Council regularly hosts free food hygiene seminars. Bookings are essential and can be made by contacting council on 4325 8222. 

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