Certificates and Documents for Conveyancers and Solicitors

Conveyancing certificates are usually required when a property is being purchased or sold. 

Conveyancers and solicitors can use council’s e-services portal to order and pay for certificates and documents relating to property in the Gosford LGA.

Accessing the e-services portal

Access to council’s e-services portal requires a login. To sign up for a free account, you will need to complete this form.

A request will be processed and your account information sent to you within five business days of receiving the completed form.

Types of certificates issued

  • Section 149 Planning Certificates, specifying planning requirements and restrictions that apply to a parcel of land; 
  • Section 603 and 360 Rating Certificates, specifying any outstanding rates, charges and debts payable to council in respect of a parcel of land;
  • Drainage and Sewer Diagrams, such as service location diagrams (sewer mains diagram / external), which indicates where the town sewer connects to a property, and property sewerage diagram (drainage diagram / internal), which indicate the internal plumbing works at a property;
  • Special Water Meter Read, specifying unbilled consumption for water sewer and trade waste and daily average to date of special read;
  • Noxious Weeds.

Certificate costs

The costs for certificates are set out in council's Fees and Charges Schedule.

Other certificates available

Please note that a range of other certificates, such as Outstanding Orders Certificates (under EPA and LGA), Building Certificates (149D), Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance, and 88G Certificates, are available by post or by visiting council’s Customer Service Centres.

Only the certificates mentioned above are available for order via the e-services portal. 

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