Doing Business in Gosford City

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Certificates and Documents for Conveyancers and Solicitors 

Conveyancers and solicitors can use Council's e-Services Portal to order and pay for certificates and documents relating to property in the Gosford LGA.

Sponsorship Program

Licenced Business Use on Open Space

In some circumstances, business activities on open space reserves enhances the use of our open space areas. Find out more information on what trade or business activities can take place. 

Liquid Trade Waste

Liquid Trade Waste

Liquid trade waste is a liquid waste produced by a business, commercial or industrial activity. Find out your responsibilities for liquid trade waste as a business in Gosford City, including relevant forms.  

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Cooling Towers

All water cooling systems on regulated premises in the Gosford LGA are required to be registered with council due to the potential risks of Legionnaires Disease. 

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Tenders and Expressions of Interest

View open, recently closed and awarded tenders, as well as council's contracts register.

Hair, Beauty and Skin Penetration Premises

Business Use of a Public Footpath

Here you will find information and applications on licence agreements for business use of a public footpath in the Gosford LGA.

Hair, Beauty and Skin Penetration Premises

Hair, Beauty and Skin Penetration Premises

Council regularly inspects hairdressers, beauty salons, nail technicians and premises involved in skin penetration such as ear piercing, tattooists and acupuncturists. 

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Food Safety for Your Business

Council's food surveillance officers undertake regular food shop inspections where they assess food shops based on their food safety and food handling practices.

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Short-Term Rental Accommodation

Find out handy information about owning a short-term rental accommodation as defined in the LEP 2014.

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Parking in Gosford City

If you’re heading to the Gosford CBD to do business, there are a number of carparks available for your use, in addition to our ample metered and un-metered street parking.

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